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Business Insurance

Business insurance covers your company for financial losses in case anything goes wrong because of your business activities.
It can help cover the cost of compensation claims and legal fees, as well as damage to your property or employee-related issues.

Business Insurance: Packages

What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a catch-all term for a range of policies that protect your company against financial loss. This could be from damage to your property, theft of your stock or equipment, or legal costs either arising from injuries to your staff or members of the public.
The type of insurance you buy will depend on the nature of your business: online retailers' insurance is going to cover different situations to shopkeepers' insurance. Likewise, tradespeople will need very different insurance from a law firm. This makes it hard to work out exactly how much it will cost before you apply.
However, factors that affect the cost of your business insurance quotes include the nature of the work, the number of employees and where the business is based.

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Is business insurance a legal requirement?

The only form of business insurance that's an absolute legal requirement in Malaysia is employers' liability insurance - which is necessary for any business that employs one or more people - even on a casual basis.
However, various industry regulators oblige businesses to have certain types of insurance to be allowed to operate. For instance, solicitors, accountants and healthcare professionals usually need professional indemnity insurance to operate.
And while other types of business insurance may not be legally required, it is often a good idea to have relevant cover in places, such as stock protection insurance or business van insurance.

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How does business insurance work?

Business insurance policies will guard your business equipment and stock against loss, damage or theft, and they can also offer cover for things like property damage and money that's lost if something prevents you from working (aka 'business interruption). The type of business insurance you need will depend on the size of your company and the kind of work you do. You can choose whether to take out combined business insurance or separate liability covers, and you can add on any extra protection you need.
Various types of business insurance cover specific trades, including business van insurance, specialist tools cover, goods in transit, and personal accident cover.

Business Insurance: Information

Our business insurance products

Commercial Motor

Keep your commercial motors moving with the right protection

Your commercial vehicles are exposed to various risks such as thefts, accidents and the actions of other drivers, which are simply beyond your control. Our commercial motor insurance provides comprehensive protection for your company vehicles and drivers against accidental damage, loss, third party liability for bodily injury, death or property damage.

Commercial Property

Protect your business from financial loss from property damage

Your business may own property that is vulnerable to various risks, such as fire, explosions and natural catastrophe. Our experts are on-hand to tailor an insurance solution to protect your commercial property should the unexpected occur.

Construction & Engineering

Manage risks of your construction and engineering projects, large or small

With our specialist expertise, we can provide your business with comprehensive protection against various risks, such as damage to your project and liability against third-party claims arising from construction and engineering works. Our flexible approach means we can tailor our insurance solution to your specific needs.

Employees' Compensation

Keep your employees and your business protected with our quality and cost-effective solutions

Injuries in the workplace can happen. When one of your employees suffers an injury at work, our employees' compensation insurance can help your employee cover medical expenses and lost wages. This helps ease the human impact, and the financial risk to your business as serious injuries may result in costly lawsuits.

General Accident

Safeguard your business and its valuable assets from the unexpected

Your business can be vulnerable to various risks that can lead to financial loss. In the event of the unexpected, you need to be confident that the proper protection for your business property is in place.

General Liability

Mitigate your business liabilities that could spring from your day-to-day operations

Whatever industry your business is in, our general liability insurance protects your business from the financial fallout of third-party claims, which can be both civil and criminal.

Group Health

Take care of your employees' wellbeing to retain and attract talents

Our group health insurance provides protection for your employees against healthcare and medical expenses. This can also help you retain and attract talents for your company.

Group Travel

Worry-free business trips for you and your employees

The hazards associated with business travel can be expensive. The risks can include flight delays, accidental loss of baggage or personal belongings, unexpected illnesses and even third-party liabilities, and all of these can quickly mount up when your employees are on business travel overseas.


Specialist protection for your moving cargo by air, sea or road

As a specialist marine insurer with over 130 years in the global market, our marine insurance solutions are as varied as our customers, including import/export businesses, truck operators, private yacht owners and more. Whatever your needs, our experts have the local and international expertise to design a cover that works for you.

Multinational Insurance


Flexible multi-class insurance solutions tailored to the needs of companies operating in multiple locations around the world.

Professional Liability

Specialty insurance provides a financial safety net for corporations and professionals

Professional liability insurance is an essential component of risk management and a small investment for immense peace of mind in a world of increasing personal responsibility and accountability. It provides corporations and professionals with a financial safety net in legal liabilities, litigations and resultant damage.


Tailored business insurance solutions for SMEs

Small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be vulnerable to various risks that could lead to financial and legal issues and damage to corporate reputation.

Trade Credit

Trade with confidence knowing your business is protected against bad debts

 Whether it’s a domestic or export business, if your company sells goods on services on credit terms, there is an inherent risk of non-payment. Our Trade Credit Insurance protects your cash flow by covering a loss if a debtor default on payment on becomes insolvent, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

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