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People are living longer on average and will need to save more for their retirement.
The Government and regulators have made changes in recent years to help more people save, especially at work, and make accessing your pension much more flexible.
Insurance and long-term savings providers are part of these changes and offer pensions and other products to help you save for retirement.

Retirement: Packages

How prepared are you for retirement?

1. I want to learn about pensions

2. Am I on track for my retirement?

3. I want to access my pension

Building your financial future starts today.

Planning ahead helps ensure that
you’re on track.

From age 55, you have the
flexibility to choose how you take
money from your pension. 

Retirement: Packages

What we can help you?

1. Pension Locator

We will begin by reviewing your existing financial and pensions provision and then locate the best pension product for you.

2. Planning

Planning for your retirement has never been more important. We can help you plan for every eventuality with our in-depth and entirely bespoke planning service.

3. Review

Regardless of the size and number of your pensions, we are able to review your pension provisions and offer sage advice completely.

4. Consolidate Pension Plans

If you have more than one pension, our experienced team is able to consolidate your pension plans into one easy to access plan.

Retirement: Information
Enjoying the Outdoors

Looking to take your pension?

Whether you're facing some tough decisions now or you want to think about your future plans, financial advice can make a real difference.
If you don't already have a financial adviser, you can arrange a chat with a Adeline Adviser. We offer a restricted advice service.

Retirement: About
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