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Estate Planning

Planning what happens to your wealth when you are no longer here to enjoy it is something we only tend to do them once. Estate planning is the process of managing and administering the assets of an individual through the accumulation, conservation, and distribution phases of life in an effective and efficient manner according to the wishes to secure your financial peace of mind.

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What is a Estate ?

The definition of Estate that most people commonly refer to is that of money or property left to a person by someone who has died. However, this is merely a financial inheritance.

A true Estate is far more personal. It is your unique story, built on your own values and encompasses your knowledge, experience and wisdom. This defines who you are as an individual and provides the basis for others to remember you by.

Rather than viewing Estate in the context of death, we should think about Estate in terms of living our lives.

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What is Estate Planning ?

Your Wishes

Estate Planning is a process which is designed to articulate, create, and implement a Wealth for Life Plan that is consistent with your values and wishes.

Your Vision

It incorporates your vision, with the strategic transfer of wealth and prepares your beneficiaries to receive their real inheritance and create a meaningful and lasting estate.

Your Values

It is designed to capture the values of an individual and at the same time establish what they truly value in life.

Your Future

Estate Planning is about learning from the past, living in the present and building for the future.

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Why is Estate Planning so important ?

When a person passes away without estate, all of the person’s assets will be frozen! Estate planning helps address the estate distribution to be according to a person’s wishes in case of death, incapacitated, comatose, or missing.

Estate planning combines your emotional and intellectual wealth with your financial wealth. By doing this, you can provide your beneficiaries with the financial security that might otherwise be impossible.

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As of February 2016

RM 60 Billion

left unclaimed by surviving family members of deceased Malaysians since Independence Day (1957). This number had grown from RM40 billion back in 2007.

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Wills & Trusts


A Will is a legal document that gives instruction for the distribution of your assets after you’re gone.

But how do you determine if you need one and if it’s worth having?


Trusts can be an excellent way of protecting and preserving family wealth for future generations.

Want to know if Trust is right for you and your family? Find out more.

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It is never too soon to start planning for the long term future of your wealth.

Get in touch to see how you can create a meaningful and lasting estate for generations to come.

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Estate Planning: Testimonials

Adeline Advisor has just completed our wills, and it was made very easy. Very quick and simple and great price too. We now have peace of mind that if anything bad happens, then all will be forted after we are gone. Thanks, Adeline Advisor.

Venessa Ng

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