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Medical Insurance

Our medical Insurance department is one of the busiest at Adeline Advisor. Our clients know they can trust us to cover them for every eventuality. Click below to set up a free appointment with one of our expert agents.

Medical Insurance: Packages

What is medical insurance?

Medical insurance covers the cost of medical treatment and provide basic coverage for hospitalization like other insurance. It protects you by covering for the treatment costs incurred in the event of : An illness,  An accident , A hospitalization/surgery/ICU. 
Medical insurance works as a helping hand when you need it most, from in-patient treatment to extra support for mental health, depending on your policy. You may also have complete medical insurance for individual and family.

Medical Insurance: About

Do I need medical insurance?

Medical insurance gives you a choice when it comes to medical treatment. Medical insurance is used for cashless admissions to private hospitals in Malaysia. It works only if the private hospital is a panel hospital of the insurer. However, Malaysia is a blessed country with Government Hospitals and Clinics. Some reasons to opt for Medical insurance include:

1. You’d prefer not to wait

2. You’d prefer a private hospital

3. You want / need specialist and medical facilities

 If you’d like to jump ahead of Government hospital waiting lists, medical insurance can help you be seen quicker, which can be valuable for surgical treatment in a private hospital.

If you enjoy a quieter environment, medical insurance can give you more privacy and home comforts.

Enjoy modern technology-based facilities and advanced healthcare services. The hospital offers a high standard of quality clinical care, maintained by highly trained medical staff, including support staff and a multi-disciplinary team of accomplished specialists and doctors.

Medical Insurance: Packages

Why medical insurance is important in Malaysia?

With medical inflation climbing steadily to the tune of 12% per annum, it is undeniable that private medical treatment is fast becoming a luxury that not many of us can afford. By being covered with medical insurance, you will get to alleviate the burden of medical inflation while opting for quality treatment without worrying about how much it will cost you. Medical insurance covers the cost of medical treatment and provides basic coverage for hospitalization like covering for the treatment costs incurred in the event of An illness, An accident, A hospitalization / Surgery / ICU.

Medical Insurance: About

What does medical insurance cover?

What is covered by medical insurance will depend on the type of policy you choose. Medical insurance can cover:

1. Hospital daily room and board

2. Intensive Care Unit / Cardiac Care Unit

3. Surgical fees and in-hospital related services

4. Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant

5. Outpatient treatment - Pre and post hospitalisation treatment, day surgery expenses / day care procedure, kidney dialysis and cancer treatment

6. Intraocular lens benefit (Lifetime Limit)

7. Physiotherapy, home nursing, outpatient treatment for dengue fever and emergency accidents (Annual Limit)

Medical Insurance: Information

What are the benefits of medical insurance?

Reduce waiting time

You're likely to receive treatment and appointments quicker than you would on the government hospital.

Choose your surgeon or hospital

You may have a choice of specialist surgeons and be able to choose your hospital, which isn't possible on the government hospital.

Specialist referrals

You'll be able to ask your private hospitals to refer you to an expert or specialist working privately, so you can get a second opinion or specialist treatment.


You're likely to get quicker access to physiotherapy sessions with private health insurance than you would through government hospital treatment.

Private room

You'll get a private room, rather than staying in an open ward which may be mixed-sex.

Medical Insurance: Packages
Medical Insurance: Information
Medical Record Analysis

How much is medical insurance?

Medical insurance won't cost the same for every person - your premium will be calculated based on different factors, including:

Our expert says

"When choosing your medical insurance policy, make sure you consider exactly what treatment you're looking to cover, just in case the unexpected happens and you need medical support. A comprehensive policy can cover extra treatment, like physiotherapy, which can be reassuring if you need surgery. So, for extra peace of mind, weigh up exactly what you want your policy to cover so you aren't left feeling disappointed!"

Medical Insurance: About
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